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Are You Dealing with Internet Irritations & Wi-Fi Woes?


Learn About Real Network Solutions That Boost Your Internet Speed and Wi-Fi Signal

It seems like every technology we have depends on Wi-Fi, the internet, or a data connection. From phones to cars to homes to computers, most of the electronics you use daily would be practically useless if you couldn’t connect. If your home in New York, NY, has smart devices or a complete smart home system, then reliable internet and Wi-Fi are essential.

The problem is that routers, modems, and other home network equipment become outdated after a while. They can’t keep up with the demand of newer smart technologies and home systems. If you notice problems with video buffering, dropped video conference calls, or weak Wi-Fi signals, then it’s time for advanced network solutions.  

Keep reading to see how you can significantly improve your home’s networking system with a better internet connection and Wi-Fi 6.

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Stop Getting Irritated by Your Internet

Years ago, before smart technologies, super-fast computers, and mobile phones, homeowners could make do with a basic internet connection. In fact, it was more than enough to provide online access for one computer, which was common in most homes. However, it’s very different today. Nearly every technology in your home – smart lighting, TVs and audio systems, home security, and even motorized shades – depend on an internet connection.

Your internet must have a bigger bandwidth to accommodate all that traffic; otherwise, you’ll deal with a bandwidth bottleneck. Upgrading your router or internet plan is a good place to start. Even better, another home network solution is to install Cat 6 or fiber cabling throughout your home. When your AV systems and other smart technologies are hardwired, you’ll get a much faster response – with no bothersome bandwidth problems.

What to Do About a Wonky Wi-Fi

It’s hard to imagine the world before Wi-Fi. This innovative technology allows homeowners to access their phones, computers, and Wi-Fi-enabled devices from anywhere on their properties – without the need to “jack in.” In fact, most people don’t remember the days when a device had to be directly connected to get an internet connection.

But Wi-Fi isn’t always so wonderful. As our world becomes “smarter,” our smart homes require more powerful Wi-Fi to keep all of our devices connected wirelessly no matter where we are on our properties. That can’t happen if you’re using the current Wi-Fi technology standard (Wi-Fi 5). It generally has a range of about 150 feet inside and 300 outside. Also, various walls, closed doors, other objects, and even other Wi-Fi devices affect the signal strength.

An upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 changes everything. This new technology, introduced in 2019, has a longer reach, so you can always get a signal. In addition, it knows how to avoid interference from other Wi-Fi devices and find the best path to the source. It also transmits and receives signals from many more devices than Wi-Fi 5. Every smart home technology can run at the same time, and you’ll never have an issue with connectivity.

Are you looking for advanced network solutions for your home? Learn how to upgrade your home network by calling Audio Command Systems at (800) 382-2939, starting a chat on this page, or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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