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Can I Really Do That with an Upgraded Home Networking System?

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Do you remember the days of dial-up? Perhaps we’re dating ourselves here, but we certainly do. And that one particular modem sound always comes to mind whenever we think of slow internet connections. 

Luckily no one has to hear the dreaded dial-up noise anymore when they want to check their email or download something, but there’s still quite a bit to consider when it comes to a home networking system for your New York City property. Once installed, your home network can connect you to loved ones, work, and your favorite entertainment in milliseconds! To explore what’s possible once you upgrade your existing system or add a new network from the ground up, take a look below.

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Video games have evolved over the years, just like internet connections have. Most games are now downloadable online, and systems require frequent updates for security patches and feature upgrades. To stay on top of the latest features without experiencing any lag during critical gaming missions, having a speedy and secure home network is imperative. Don’t leave your online teammates hanging with an outdated network that can’t handle someone playing games while someone else in the house is streaming music or watching Netflix.

Work from Home

There’s nothing worse than dropping out of the Zoom meeting during a big sales presentation. Instead of worrying about choppy dialogue and poor video quality, with an upgraded home network, you can be confident your slide deck and sales pitch are seen by everyone. Triaged network traffic ensures high-priority needs like videoconferencing go straight to the front of the line without signal interference or dropped calls. 

You could even go a step further and enjoy working from your patio with extended outdoor Wi-Fi coverage. Enjoy a little sunshine during a meeting or work on large files without becoming frustrated with slow download and upload speeds!

Grows with You

A professionally installed system consists of enterprise-grade components that are built for the strenuous demands of a business. Scalability is an incredible feature of modern networks, because networks are now designed with the future in mind. Undoubtedly, you will add more and more smart devices - from motorized shades to smartwatches and beyond - over the years, and your networking system should be able to handle them without degrading in quality.

Total Home Control

The foundation of your smart home is the network. The wired and wireless functionality your home networking system provides keeps all of your devices connected seamlessly. Our team can designate devices to specific channels to ensure maximum system performance no matter the time of day.

Your Networking Expert in NYC

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling a condo downtown, you need a network that will work for you, your family, and your guests. Chat with us at the bottom of your screen, or connect with us using our online form to start a conversation - let’s network about networking!

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