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Professional Home Networking Services and Support


Strengthen and Secure Your System

As you work from home, host family movie nights, and enjoy time with loved ones during this unprecedented time of quarantine – you’ll need a home network that you can rely on all day long.

A professional installation or upgrade from our team at Audio Command Systems can guarantee that you always stay connected to what matters most. But what does an installation entail? And how is our team here to help you long after the last wiring goes into place?

We dive into the process and benefits of a home networking upgrade for your Los Angeles, CA living space below.

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Reliable Connection – Wired or Wireless Options

Spending more time at home means adjusting your schedule to staying inside or in your backyard. This might mean working remotely from home these days and finding new ways to entertain your family. But once a loading screen or glitchy hiccup pops up, the meeting or movie viewing could be ruined as delays ensue.

This is why a professional network installation from Audio Command Systems is so crucial. We guarantee that every smart device and solution in your home stays connected and runs properly – even as multiple are used at the same time. You have the choice between a wired or wireless installation, with each having their own benefits – or often times, we install the blending of both. Regardless, you’ll end up with a robust, dependable connection and system we have put into place.

A professional upgrade includes increased bandwidth, plus the addition of wireless routers from trusted brands we work with Ruckus or Cisco. Wireless access points also make it possible to provide coverage for your whole property, no matter how extensive. Now you won’t have to worry about dropped or freezing video calls or endlessly loading movie screens!


Secure Your Connection

When you’re sending data across your network, you don’t want it to be vulnerable to potential hackers for even a second. And now, you might not only be transferring your own personal information but possibly work documents and more. You need your network to have the proper protections in place to prevent identity theft or other stolen data.

Our team gets to work at putting the best firewalls and VPNs in place, along with checking for regular updates and keeping your network at its best now and well into the future. You can rest easy as you work from home or conduct other important business using your network, knowing it’s in good care.


Remote Support from Our Team

Routers you find from the store or DIY installations might seem more cost-effective in the beginning – but once a product fails you or has a problem pop up, you’re the one who has to fix it. This can often be more time consuming and eventually might lead you to buy a brand-new product. And so, the cycle goes on and on!

When you get a professional network installation from Audio Command Systems, you have our consistent network services and support at all times! And now, as we avoid coming to check things in person – our remote services are even more beneficial for everyone. We can monitor and check in on your network, identifying and fixing issues before you even notice them. If you find a problem or start dealing with slow load times, you can give us a call – and we can get your system rebooted and up and running as usual right away.

A professional installation means zero hassle now and down the road.


Want to learn more about our home networking installations and support? Our team has you covered. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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