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High-End Audio for Your High-End Lifestyle


How Wisdom Speakers Create the Sound of Luxurious Living

Premium, high-quality, first-class, and the finest. Companies and marketers use those terms to describe their products all the time. Unfortunately, when you take one of their “high-quality” products home – one you bought at a big-box store – you may find it’s no different than any other product on the shelf. In other words, their words are just words and not ones that identify the real value of a product.

However, the term “high-end” means something completely different when referring to a speaker. High-end audio is all about speaker design and the technology used in the process. It defines the difference between a typical speaker and one that delivers remarkable sound quality. In this blog, we’ll explain what high-end audio is and how Wisdom Audio helps you enjoy it in your Los Angeles, CA, home.

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From Ordinary Audio to Superior Sound

Take a trip back to the 1990s. Imagine yourself watching a movie on a standard TV. At the time, you probably think the picture is phenomenal. After all, you’d become accustomed to watching TV shows and films on a standard-definition TV. Now, imagine what you’d think if someone put you in front of an 85” 4K TV with advanced HDR. The difference would be startling!

The same is true with the audio you’ve probably been listening to. Nearly all of the music you hear through your earbuds, car stereo, TV speakers, or maybe even your home theater speakers is standard quality – not high end! Instead, true high-end audio is lossless audio that delivers your favorite songs with no compression and no distortion. Listening to the songs you love through high-end speakers is truly music to your ears.

Wisdom Audio: The Wise Choice for High-End Sound

How can you have high-end audio in your home? You can have it any way you want! For more than 25 years, Wisdom Audio has been designing and manufacturing speakers that focus on superior sound. Unlike standard speakers you’d purchase at a store at a discounted price, these products are built with one thing in mind: sound quality. The company never sacrifices a product for price. That is, it is committed to delivering only the best high-end speakers.

Whether you want freestanding speakers for your media room, on-wall speakers for your home theater, or in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for a whole-home sound system, you can trust Wisdom Audio to have the perfect solution for each room and your expansive living space. Best of all, you can integrate Wisdom high-end audio speakers with your smart home system. Then, you enjoy complete control of the music you play in each room. Adjust the sound, EQ the levels, and select a playlist right from your smart home tablet.

Would you like to learn more about setting up a high-end speaker system in your home? Call Audio Command Systems at 310-444-3882, start a chat on this page, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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