Bring a Professional Home Networking Installation to Your Backyard

An Outdoor Networking Solution Elevates Your Property

Bringing integration and audio video features outdoors can liven up any tailgate or BBQ – but when a TV screen suddenly glitches or a song won’t load up on the streaming service’s queue, you’ll see your entire system come to a pause.

The culprit is often a weak outdoor home network. You need a networking solution that extends past your backdoor and gives coverage to every outdoor space in your Miami, FL backyard.

This type of setup can greatly benefit from a professional home networking installation by our team at Audio Command Systems. We are here to make every system setup and upgrade a breeze – and we know the best products and brands to work with and make right for your specific outdoor space.

Want to learn more about improving your outdoor networking? Keep reading on below.


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Keep Every Smart Device and Technology Running

You might know what problems an unreliable network can produce. When your network isn’t stable or strong, it leads to every product and device in your home having issues communicating with each other. Your smart home doesn’t run as it should, and you’re left with technical glitches and errors because everyone uses various solutions throughout your home all at once.

Even if you have a strong network indoors, this type of quality coverage cannot reach your outdoor spaces properly. Your outdoor TVs and speaker systems might still provide their AV performances, but only partly – and with plenty of loading and buffering to interrupt at the most irritating of times. So how can you avoid these technology hiccups and delays while you’re enjoying a day in your backyard?


Extensive Coverage for Entire Property

Wireless access points are your must-have solution. The ability to extend your network coverage is at hand. Your patio or porch won’t be the only spaces to benefit; your entire yard can have even coverage without any dead zones or drop points. What does that mean? This gap-free access would let you walk around on a video call or listen to a new playlist in the far corners of your property without fearing any technical problems. Our team highly recommends outdoor wireless access points from trusted brands like Ruckus and Cisco that make setup easy with subtle designs and top-notch networking performances.

For every installation and placement, Audio Command Systems can make your outdoor coverage a part of your overall network upgrade. We are here to guarantee your smart home’s optimal functioning at every moment of the day and night – both indoors and outside.


Want to learn even more about improving and strengthening your home’s networking for every space? Give our team at Audio Command Systems a call or fill out our online contact form here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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