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Make Movie Magic with Top Tech Brands from Audio Command Systems

A Sony ES projector brings movies to life in your custom home theater.

Enjoy Memorable Entertainment Experiences in Your Custom Home Theater From ACS

A custom home theater is more than just a room with a large screen; it embodies the homeowner’s passion for entertainment and fun. When you decide to invest in a custom home theater, you're not just setting up a room—you’re creating a cinema experience that reflects the immersive qualities of the movies you love. You can design any type of experience you want in your Los Angeles, CA, home!

But, to truly elevate this experience and create astonishing movie magic, our home theater experts at Audio Command Systems suggest you consider some of the latest tech from top brands like Kaleidescape and Sony. Continue reading to learn more.

Transform Movie Night With a Sony Home Theater Receiver

Enhance your home theater experiences with a Sony home theater receiver.

How the Sony ES 8K AV Receiver is Changing Luxury Home Theater

Staying on top of emerging technology trends is what we do best, and we have a great home theater receiver to share with you—introducing Sony's ES 8K AV Receiver, a must-have for luxury home theaters in The Hamptons, NY. Sony is a well-respected brand because its advanced design and engineering are innovative, reliable, and consistently excellent. You can expect the ES 8K AV Receiver meets Sony’s high bar for excellence.

Continue reading to learn more about the Sony ES 8K AV Receiver and what sets it apart from other high-tech options in the home theater receiver market.

Craft a Custom Home Theater With Sony!


Sony Private Cinema Products Bring the Big Screen Experience To Your Home 

custom home theater is designed to bring the cinema’s excitement and immersive experience to your house. Movies move us with visuals and sound that complement the story and add subtext we recognize on both the conscience and subconscious levels. 

The technology used must provide the detail to reproduce the shades of meaning, sense of anticipation, and expression of resolution. The projection and audio systems work in harmony to draw you into the story, blurring the border between film and reality. 

To learn more about how our line of Sony products can build your perfect private cinema for your New York, NY smart home

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