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Heat Up Your Pool and Patio Entertainment with an Outdoor Theater!


Bring friends and family outside to enjoy warm-weather activities all summer long.  

When you picture a home theater for your space in New York City or the greater metropolitan area, you probably have imagined a quiet, dark room hidden within your home. However, now that the weather is starting to warm up to a pleasantly balmy range, your family and guests might prefer to enjoy your outdoor spaces. 

Whether you live in a high-rise condo with ample balcony or roof living spaces or a suburban home with an expansive patio and pool, ACS can help you custom-design a summer home for your favorite movies and music

As expert A/V installers, we understand that outdoor spaces come with different considerations. Will the screen be bright enough to accommodate the space? (You can see how much lighting surrounds the pictured area above.) Will you need different audio specs to account for larger spaces and natural elements like wind?

Yes: We have to think through countless variables to ensure your outdoor home theater’s success, but you don’t have to! Let us take care of the details, so you can kick back with family and friends and enjoy your outdoor home theater, even before summer’s in full swing. Keep reading to see how we can help you achieve that perfect pool or patio theater.

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Brilliant Displays

When we install video for your outdoor theater, we never use indoor TVs. Why? Not only are the elements of indoor displays not durable to handle heat, wind and rain, but the screen of your standard TV can’t compete with all the ambient light outside. 

Conversely, outdoor TVs like those from Seura are usually bright enough to dispel any side light, thanks to high-lumen, glare-rejecting screen technology. Even if you want your TV on a dimmer patio, we can find a partial-light display that meets your needs. Seura TVs include adaptive technology that adjusts the brightness of the screen to match outdoor conditions. 


Surround Sound

Think you can only achieve that perfect surround-sound effect in small, enclosed spaces? When you hear what ACS can accomplish in outdoor audio setups, you’ll reconsider. 

Here we see another scenario where you can’t just drag your indoor A/V tools outside. Like TVs, standard speakers can’t withstand some of the harsh elements or address the restrictions of the environment. Consider the difference: Inside an enclosed home theater, we can configure the best speaker placement based on your seating, the walls and the screen. We don’t have to consider people moving around in open air or sound distortion from the natural elements. 

In outdoor installations, it’s vital that the audio quality compensates for this with wide-dispersion technology that blankets a larger space, without any “boomy” speakers, one-sided audio or audio gaps. We use Sonance speakers for outdoor configurations because they evenly cover a broad area with high-quality sound that nimbly manages variables like passersby, plants and wind. 


Networking Needs 

Streaming movies outside poses some fundamental challenges since most people don’t have the proper network capacity to enjoy movie streaming. ACS can ensure that you get a low-latency system that efficiently plays your favorite titles -- without lagging just when the plot thickens. 

We use Ruckus networking gear, such as their ZoneFlex offerings, which excel at providing network coverage in challenging conditions, allowing us to establish fewer access points. Ruckus allows lightning-fast connections up to 1733 Mbps (5 GHz) and 800 Mbps (2.4 GHz). 

When we tour your home, we’ll explore each space’s needs to determine the best network equipment for you as well as ideal access point placement and ongoing support.


If relaxing away your summer with outdoor entertainment appeals you, we recommend getting started before it’s too late. Click here to get started or call us at 800-382-2939. We offer a hassle-free consultation to talk about your needs and desires for your smart home. We look forward to speaking with you!

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