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Design Your Home Theater for First-Run Movie Services!


At ACS, we often discuss home theater designs that replicates a cinematic feel in New York City homes like yours. But what if we told you that your family could truly recreate the theater experience with one adjustment to your personal home theater design?

Our partnership with Bel Air Cinema ensures that you can work all the box-office hits into your busy schedule without having to leave the house. Even enjoy films on the same date the film is released to the public. Keep reading to learn more about this breakthrough program and why you should consider it for your theater installation or upgrade!

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What Is Bel Air?

Take a quick look at the movies showing in your local theater. Whether it’s due to privacy, security or convenience, you may not want to make the trip to the local cinema to watch the latest releases.

In the past you had to wait for the theatrical release to end before being able to enjoy the movies first via Blu-ray and then on streaming services down the line. The beauty of BAC is that it eliminates that wait altogether.

You could view all of these exclusive titles tonight if you let ACS include Bel Air Cinema as part of your home theater design. Watch in the comfort of home at the time of your choosing!

Through ACS’ exclusive partnership with Bel Air, private residences can be equipped with the Bel Air Cinema system either as part of a dedicated theater space or as part of a multi-purpose living area.

Better yet, every Bel Air Cinema movie is formatted to Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) standards. This digitally-encrypted content is the same one used in theaters, and far exceeds the quality you’d get from Blu-rays, cable or streaming services. Overall you get a greater color gamut and higher-contrast picture.

How It Works

Unlike many of the content options for your home theater, Bel Air doesn’t rely on an internet connection because it is not a streaming-based program like Netflix or Hulu. With a digital copy of the movie at hand, you don’t have to worry about lagging or deteriorating image quality.   

Instead, Bel Air collaborates with movie industry leaders to give you an unparalleled movie-viewing program for an upcharge. ACS will add the Bel Air Box within a DCI approved home theater design. You’ll be fully set up to play all your movies in the pre-programmed, top-quality format.

Bel Air’s platform guarantees the best viewing experience with the top video standards including 2K/4K, HFR and HDR. The soundtrack delivers breathtaking audio standards, including standard surround sound, Dolby Atmos, Barco Auro 13.1, and DTS object-based 3D audio systems.

Ready To Get Started?
Want to learn more about the ways Bel Air Cinema can enhance your home theater design and revolutionize your viewing experience? Just click here to get started or call us at 800-382-2939. We look forward to speaking to you during a no-hassle consultation.

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