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ACS Smart Home Integration for an Energy-Efficient Future

Motorized shades ina  casual, beachy living room, with a pool right outside the window.

Lower Energy Bills while Adding Convenience to Your Day—It’s a Win-Win Scenario

After a week of hot summer afternoons, does your mind begin to ponder how much your energy bill will cost this month? If you’re tired of the rising costs of cooling your home, consider the benefits of a smart home integration from Audio Command Systems. In Los Angeles, CA, smart homes are becoming more popular because they are a wise investment for your wallet and the planet. Continue reading to learn more about how an ACS smart home integration can reduce your energy load while adding convenience to your day.

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Elevate Living Spaces with Lutron HomeWorks QS Integrated by ACS

hand pressing a button on a Lutron Palladiom keypad

A Life of Luxury & Convenience Awaits with Premium Smart Systems

Nestled in the heart of the Old Westbury area, many homeowners pride themselves on blending traditional charm with modernity. And what better way to step into the future of smart home living while preserving the charm of your home than with a Lutron HomeWorks QS or QSX system integrated by Audio Command Systems?  

Both are dynamic additions to managing any living space to suit your needs, so keep reading to explore how integrating a Lutron-powered system can redefine luxury living in your New York home.

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How Whole-Home Audio Integrated by Audio Command Systems Transforms Your At-Home Entertainment Experience

Couple dancing in the dining room of their home.

Get the best sound possible with this stellar home upgrade!

The concept of entertainment has undergone a remarkable evolution, especially when it comes to hosting guests in your Los Angeles, CA, home. Technology has undeniably reshaped our preferences and habits. 

Whole-home audio integrated by Audio Command Systems revolutionizes how we experience entertainment, offering an immersive and seamless audio experience throughout your living space. Let's explore how advanced audio enhances your ability to throw a party, relax at home with family, or give the kitchen a good scrub. 

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6 Things You Need to Build a Custom Home Theater

A custom home theater with golden walls and black floors and ceiling.

Each Piece Plays Its Part to Create Cinema Magic 

A home theater is more than a large TV or a projector. It’s not just a living room with great audio and video. A home theater is a carefully designed space that offers complete cinematic immersion and entertainment. A theater transports you into new worlds so that even after the film ends, everything around you feels special. 

So what do you need to create a custom home theater? As a home cinema installer based in Boca Raton, we think these six elements are essential. 

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Transform Movie Night With a Sony Home Theater Receiver

Enhance your home theater experiences with a Sony home theater receiver.

How the Sony ES 8K AV Receiver is Changing Luxury Home Theater

Staying on top of emerging technology trends is what we do best, and we have a great home theater receiver to share with you—introducing Sony's ES 8K AV Receiver, a must-have for luxury home theaters in The Hamptons, NY. Sony is a well-respected brand because its advanced design and engineering are innovative, reliable, and consistently excellent. You can expect the ES 8K AV Receiver meets Sony’s high bar for excellence.

Continue reading to learn more about the Sony ES 8K AV Receiver and what sets it apart from other high-tech options in the home theater receiver market.

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The Incredible Options in Custom Home Theater Design

A home theater with a large movie screen, Sony projector, and chaise lounges.

Enhance Your Home Entertainment with the Latest Technology

Smart home technology and home entertainment are synonymous with an elevated lifestyle that more homeowners are enjoying every day. Stereos in one or two rooms have transformed into whole-home, high-fidelity audio systems. Movie nights in the den are now immersive cinematic experiences in home theaters. 

As with most technology, one element makes all the difference. It turns home theaters from the place to enjoy a movie now and then to the favorite room in the home. It ensures an experience that exceeds your expectations. It's customization. 

Let’s explore what a custom home theater design entails and why homeowners throughout Miami, FL, turn to Audio Command Systems to make their dreams come true.

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The Power of Partnership: Working with an Authorized Lutron Dealer

bathtub on top of tiered steps in a luxurious bathroom overlooking the city with purple-pink Lutron lighting

Elevate Your Smart Home Experience with Audio Command Systems

Finding the right integration partner in the bustling, exciting world of home integration and advanced lighting control is critical to transforming your Boca Raton, FL, property into a seamlessly integrated and luxurious living space.  

For the ultimate smart home experience, the advantages of partnering with an authorized Lutron dealer are unparalleled. In this blog, we will unveil the perks of working with the ACS team and how we bring exclusive products, training, and top-notch expertise to deliver a truly exceptional living experience.

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Enhancing Home Privacy and Security with Motorized Window Treatments

A bedroom with Lutron motorized shades.

Explore one of the most accessible options for added residential privacy. 

Once considered a luxury reserved for the affluent, motorized window treatments have become increasingly popular. Their convenience, aesthetic appeal, and ability to amp up the privacy and security of your Long Island, NY, home make them the perfect addition to your smart home journey. 

Keep reading because this blog post will explore how motorized window treatments offer homeowners a comprehensive solution to safeguarding privacy and acting as a front-line responder to potential security threats. 

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How Smart Home Monitoring Keeps Everything Running Smoothly

Technicians can monitor smart home systems to detect potential concerns.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support Available From ACS to Resolve Issues Quickly

We get it—technology is not everyone’s forté. And although it may be easy to operate your tech tools on a day-to-day basis, keeping them up-to-date and functional may not be quite as simple. That’s why ACS offers smart home monitoring services to keep our customers satisfied and confident in their technology choices.

Let’s explore what’s included in smart home monitoring to see if it would be a solution you might consider for your smart home experience in Los Angeles, CA, or surrounding areas.

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Redefine Class with Lutron Shading Systems

living room with hidden TV coming down from ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows with automated shades

Transform Your Living Experiences with Automated Shading Options 

You can experience the epitome of high-end living with Lutron shading systems. Once you discover the transformative power of Lutron automated window treatments, you can infuse your home with a symphony of natural sunlight, incredible convenience, and a touch of class.  

These state-of-the-art shading systems do more than simply operate window treatments, though. They offer unprecedented control, elegance, and efficiency, turning any house into a sophisticated smart home. Keep reading to learn more about Lutron's automated shading solutions and why they’ll be a great fit for your residence in the Hamptons or elsewhere in the New York Tri-State region.

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The Advantages of Hiring a Lighting Designer for Your Home

Photo of a bathroom with gorgeous lighting, including red recessed LEDs that highlight shelving.

Working With a Professional Brings so Much More than Gorgeous Lightscapes 

When it comes to creating the perfect ambiance and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home, lighting plays a key role. While many homeowners focus on furniture, paint colors, and decor, they often overlook the importance of lighting design. 

Hiring a professional lighting designer can significantly elevate the look and feel of your Muttontown, NY, home. Keep reading to explore the advantages of working with an expert and how Audio Command Systems can transform your living spaces into inviting, functional, and visually stunning areas.

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Make the Most of Your Outdoor TVs with Audio Command Systems

Photo of a brick and concrete patio set up with a plush couch, chairs, a coffee table with a lamp, and an outdoor television.

Maximize Your Outdoor Space and Entertainment!

Outdoor TVs have become increasingly popular everywhere, The Hamptons, NY, included! To get the most out of your outside entertainment experience this summer, it's essential to understand how to amp up your outdoor TV setup. 

Audio Command Systems can help you with your new patio or poolside television. Keep reading to explore some essential tips and considerations to enhance your viewing pleasure!

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Debunking Common Myths About Outdoor Audio Systems

Outdoor audio adds fun to any backyard gathering, whether small or large.

It’s Time for Florida Homeowners to Enjoy Outdoor Entertainment Without the Worry!

What’s holding you back from having the outdoor entertainment space of your dreams? Hopefully, it’s not some silly myths about the quality or durability of outdoor audio systems. However, before you make any final decisions about investing in outdoor audio solutions, you must read this article.

Let’s separate fact from fiction and provide the details you need to know to decide if outdoor audio is right for your Boca Raton, FL, home.

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3 New Reasons Why Lutron Lighting Is Ideal for Homeowners In The Hamptons

Image of luxury home’s staircase with automated Lutron smart lighting

Smart Lighting Control & Beautiful Fixtures Make Your Home Comfortable & Stylish

From one-tap control of your media space to impeccably designed lighting for the ultimate party aesthetic, your smart home in The Hamptons, NY, deserves the finest luxury technologies. Whether it's in your primary residence or a vacation home, being able to experience and manage the full functionality of the latest connected devices is the pinnacle of affluent living. 

Read along below to discover three reasons why we (and our clients) love Luton lighting

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How Outdoor Audio Brings Your Beachside Home to Life

Photo of a beach house taken from the shoreline.

Discover how high-quality sound adds vibrance to an already gorgeous setting

The Hamptons, NY, are well known for being beachside, or at the very least, beach adjacent. You can encounter rolling waves relatively quickly from anywhere on this beautiful South Fork of Long Island, but how can you experience that same serenity without leaving your poolside lounge chair?

Outdoor audio is one of the best upgrades you can give your Hamptons home. Keep reading to learn how professionally installed exterior sound provides endless vacation-vibes entertainment without packing a bag and hitting the beach. 

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Why HiFi Speakers Are Worth Every Penny

A pair of Meridian floorstanding loudspeakers flanking an abstract artwork.

HiFi Speakers Are Bound to Please the Audiophile In All of Us, but What Makes Them Different?

There’s an audiophile in all of us, and HiFi speakers are a must-have to experience music in its purest form. But what makes them different from other speakers, and are they worth the high price tag? 

HiFi speakers are designed to reproduce audio with the highest fidelity, delivering every note and detail with exceptional accuracy and clarity. To understand what makes HiFi speakers special, let's take a closer look at some of their key components and how Audio Command Systems can install them at your place in Palm Beach, FL.

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4 Reasons to Love Savant Home Control

Manage your Savant home control using voice commands.

Simplify Daily Living with a User-Friendly Control Available at Your Fingertips

Homeowners across California are investing in integration because of the simplicity it brings to daily living. With intelligent home control, you can adjust settings in your home from one central location, making life more convenient and certain tasks much more efficient. In addition, with the ability to access your home’s technology systems from anywhere, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your home won’t miss a beat while you’re away.

But, with so many innovative home systems on the market, where do you even begin to choose the right one for your Los Angeles, CA, home? Continue reading to learn about one of our favorite systems, Savant Home Control. In the smart home market, Savant is top-of-the-line and provides numerous benefits and customization options to enhance your experiences by matching your unique needs and preferences.

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Lutron HomeWorks: The Most Advanced Luxury System

a Lutron Palladiom keypad with integration

Customization Is at the Core of Working with Lutron Solutions

There are quite a few ways to customize your Los Angeles, CA, home, including painting, decorating, or purposefully lighting each room to fit your unique stylistic tastes. But there’s another method of adding a touch of luxury and convenience to your everyday lifestyle, and that’s with a Lutron HomeWorks system. 

Imagine all of your connected devices being operable with a simple voice command or tap of a button. With a whole-home smart system from Lutron, it’s possible! Discover a few of our clients’ favorite features of this incredible smart home solution in the article below. Keep scrolling to read more.

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Protect Your Home and Family with a Savant Smart Security System

Savant security allows you to activate and deactivate alarms from your smart device.

Discover How Savant Brings Peace of Mind and Ease to Home Security

It’s essential to feel safe in your home, and while traditional security tools like locks and alarms can provide a base level of protection, a smart security system can take things to the next level. 

Savant’s home security system offers a wide range of features and benefits that make it an excellent choice for homeowners in Los Angeles, CA, who want to safeguard their property. Continue reading to learn why Savant is a superb choice for smart security.

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3 More Reasons To Consider a Custom Home Theater

Custom home theater with blue illumination, comfortable seating, and a car display on the screen.

Change the Way You Entertain From the Comfort of Your Home

Home entertainment is a giant industry, from the never-ending releases of award-winning feature films to the streaming networks that bring them into our living spaces by simply pressing the Play button. But you don’t need to settle for a subpar media experience simply because you’re staying at home instead of going to your local Boca Raton, FL, cineplex.

Read below to discover three more reasons you need to consider a custom home theater upgrade for your property from the expert team at Audio Command Systems.

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