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Keep Your Smart Home Operating at Peak Performance with AfterCare Services


Remote Support and Monitoring Ensures Immediate Assistance

Smart home integration offers unprecedented ease of living, enabling you to truly enjoy your home in ways unimaginable just a decade ago. Revel in beautiful lighting, experience music and sound that surround, let your home wake you with early morning light and the soft sounds of nature and lull you to sleep in total darkness and the sound of gentle waves breaking along a shoreline. 

In the hands of experienced integrators and designers, almost anything is possible. In fact, if you can dream it, we can do it. Common solutions for intuitive one-touch control of your entire estate include lighting, shade and climate control, smart integrated security, whole-home audio, and more.

Of course, as with all technology, your smart home requires upgrades to continually work at peak performance and integrate with the ever-changing smart home landscape. That’s why, at Audio Command Systems, we provide our clients in Los Angeles, CA, with world-class service in support and ongoing maintenance. 

Let’s explore what that entails and how we ensure we exceed your expectations every time. 

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24/7 Remote Support

Remote diagnostics and support allow us to provide you with the services you need when you need them. It also keeps your home free of technicians while enabling us to provide remote device reset and troubleshoot any problems that may arise. 

Proactive alerts also signal us if there is an issue that has not yet materialized, allowing us to take care of smart home integration or connection problems before you even know that there is one. 

Maintaining a Secure, High-Performance Network

Your smart home systems represent astounding technical advances, but they are only as good as the brains behind them—your home network system. To make sure all your smart home devices integrate efficiently and effortlessly, it’s key to maintain a strong internet connection throughout your estate. Additionally, with today’s cybercrime at an all-time high, it’s critical to ensure a secure system.

Our AfterCare team offers exceptional service by monitoring your internet connection, including uptime and speed and any lag or network latency issues. We also monitor the network to detect any vulnerabilities and take a proactive measure by securing them before accessed by cybercriminals. 

On-Site Tech Reviews

Once a year, we'll schedule an on-site tech review to ensure all devices and integrations are operating at their peak performance. In addition, we'll let you know about any technological advancements that could add additional security or ease of use. Our certified technicians will also take the time to discuss any changes in your family or lifestyle and recommend any modifications or upgrades that could better support you as your household evolves.

At Audio Command Systems, we're dedicated to providing the technology that enables you to enjoy your home and manage it effortlessly. Our AfterCare team’s goal is to exceed your expectations every time, ensuring your home integration works seamlessly to create unprecedented ease of living. To learn more about our AfterCare services or schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Audio Command Systems today. 

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