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The Power of Smart Lighting Control in MDUs

Miami Beach, FL condominiums with palm trees in the foreground

ACS Takes South Beach Condominiums to a New Level of Luxury

Living on South Beach is such a unique experience, and that’s precisely what Continuum in South Beach condominiums aims to highlight for its residents. These stunning, luxurious homes are located at the southernmost tip of Miami Beach, and the ocean-front views are jaw-dropping. 

Audio Command Systems had the extreme privilege of bringing Lutron window treatments and smart lighting control to these Florida homes to add to their luxury. With ocean-front views come sunny skies - giving homeowners the power of lighting at their fingertips was our pleasure. Keep reading below to discover how we integrated technology into the Continuum condominiums! 

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Condo Life

A homeowner doesn’t need to go without technology simply because they don’t live in a traditional single-family home. MDUs (multiple dwelling units) provide incredible flexibility to residents by letting them live in luxury while also having access to pools, on-site maintenance, a gym, and 24-hour security. Property managers can provide incredible technologies to residents by connecting with a smart home designer like Audio Command Systems. A professional can integrate subtle technologies that add comfort and convenience without detracting from the interior design selections.

Lutron Shades

Automated window treatments are available in various fabric opacities and styles that can enhance a design or blend seamlessly into the existing decor. Battery-operated roller shades sit into pockets, so they rise out of sight to offer a view of the sparkling blue waters. Lutron shades have the longest-lasting battery life of any shades on the market today, and batteries are easy to replace by property managers or homeowners themselves.

If the sun causes too much glare or the room becomes too warm, then temperature sensors on the windows signal the shades to lower. Sheer fabrics preserve beach views while also dampening the brightness of the sun’s rays. In bedrooms, opaque blackout fabrics block ambient light from interrupting a restful night’s sleep. Shades add style and comfort to every living experience.

Lutron Lighting Control

As a Lutron dealer, ACS combines the power of shading with interior lighting and smart control. Sophisticated wall keypads come in a variety of finishes that add class and style to every living space. These keypads pair perfectly with smart home control touchscreens and apps that are intuitive for any homeowner, no matter their technological prowess. Combinations of ambient, task, and accent lighting layer to provide a relaxed, comfortable, and incredible living experience. One-touch light and shade management is just the icing on the proverbial cake! 

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Since 1976, ACS has simplified technology for our clients. If you’re looking to add a layer of luxury to your MDU, connect with us here to start a conversation. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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