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What Should Your Priorities Be When Planning a Home Theater Build?


Welcome back to the ACS Blog!

After almost 40 years of providing audio and video solutions throughout the U.S., ACS understands that there are few things in life more exciting than the mere prospect of having your own private movie theater at home. Whether you are building a new home from the foundation up or converting an existing space into the home theater you’ve always imagined, ACS will walk you through the entire process. As anxious as you may be to get started, however, there is a lot to consider before beginning the build.

In this and future blogs, we want to offer 10 specific considerations; things you will want to have determined (or at least considered) to minimize your frustration throughout the process.

1. Your Space Options

Where do you plan to put it? Keep in mind, the size of the room will determine how large your video display can be, what projection system will work best, how many guests you can assemble, etc. The specifics of the room you choose are going to dictate quite a bit of the work. Such as:

a) How much ambient light is currently in the room?

b) Is the floor surfaced with carpet, tile or wood?

c) How is the space constructed (and to what degree can it be modified)?

d) Do you intend to show the components, or would you prefer them in another room entirely?

e) Do you want to see the speakers, or want them hidden (or even built into the walls)?

f) How large of a viewing audience do you want to accommodate?

This might seem overwhelming at first, but keep in mind that you can call and ask us ANY questions and, if you’re ready, ACS can come out for a visit and help assess your options. Just be sure the room you pick is the room that’s going to give you the freedom to construct the theater you want.

2. The Display Options

While the video display device ISN’T the most crucial consideration for all practical purposes (that would be seating and acoustics), it IS primarily what you see in your mind when you picture your excellent new theater space, so let’s discuss.

Once again, the size of the space will help determine how large of a screen can be accommodated. Then you can decide which video display works best for you. It might be a projector/screen combination, or a rear-projection television, or something as simple as a Flat Panel LCD television. You also have the option of 3D viewing. It all depends on space and budget, but you should have an idea of what system is going to fulfill your needs as early in the planning process as possible.

Tune in next time...

Our next blog will look at the audio components, product protection, furnishings and more. On average, the most successful builds are the ones wherein the homeowner has an idea of the basic requirements from the very beginning of the project. Regardless of how much homework you want to do, the team at ACS is available to answer any questions and offer helpful advice based on years of experience. Call or stop by!

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