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How Secure is Your Home or Business?


Audio Command is a leading provider of complete turnkey solutions for audio/visual integration, including Security & Surveillance options. We take pride in offering cost-effective, user-friendly security services to the New York area that directly address your needs. 

You install a security and surveillance system so you don’t have to worry about your property, possessions and loved ones. But the greatest peace of mind comes when you don’t have to worry about the operation of your system either. That’s why ACS offers home security.

Audio Command designs, installs and provides ongoing support for all your security needs, including camera systems with integrated access control, CCTV integration, entry systems support, remote system monitoring and more.

Video Surveillance

We provide centrally managed Closed Circuit Television Systems as well as Internet Protocol Camera Systems so that you can monitor various points from anywhere in the globe from a computer or smartphone. With cameras in and around your home or office you can monitor your residence while at work, or your business while on vacation … or the nursery while in the other room!

Access Control

Whether standalone or integrated into your phone system, our gate doors and intercoms come with 2-way communication to all of your access points. Add a video camera to see who’s at the door, or place one at the entrance to record the license plate history of all your visitors. Phone integration brings your doorbell to your handset allowing you to pick up to speak with someone or press a button to open the gate.

Home Integration

Your security system can be incorporated into your central home control system, providing alerts via text message or email for predetermined events that you set. Whether it is motion in the backyard or a water leak in the kitchen, or a warning system for smoke fire or wind – an integrated security system brings you full control of your home or office to your fingertips.

The technology behind security services is advancing rapidly. It’s more important than ever to choose an integrator with a proven history of experience in integration systems who can meet the changing demands and innovations.

Our team of specialists can install anything from a system for a small office or private residence to the complete deployment of an entire commercial property. Call us today to learn more of how Audio Command can bring you peace of mind!

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