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Talk to custom home technology professionals throughout the country and one common philosophy emerges: Taking over a project can be more trouble than it’s worth. Unless, of course, you’re talking to ACS.

Project takeovers happen when the original firm is either unable to complete the work, or maybe even goes out of business mid-build. This can be frustrating for the client (to say the least), but it can also be treacherous territory for a company that jumps in to complete the job. Since the takeover firm didn’t order the components, they don’t hold the original warranties. Without being involved in the initial pre-wire or technical design, the new integrator is starting from scratch while the client anticipates the project is close to finished. It’s easy to see why integrators hesitate getting involved. Thankfully, ACS has a solution at the ready.

Due to a variety of circumstances, ACS takes over an average of 2-3 projects a month. Why, when so many view the act of completing another professional’s work a thankless job at best? Maybe it’s because, after nearly 40 years of custom electronic design and integration, ACS has the process and the people to make it right for those in need of expert assistance.

Ex: Last year, ACS lost a bid to work on a home. These things happen and there are never any hard feelings. However, after many months of planning and progress, the integrator who won the bid was no longer able to work on the build. Worried about what would become of the investment they’d made so far, the client reconnected with ACS to see if we could help.

As is the procedure, we completed a full investigation of the project. To everyone’s relief, ACS determined that the only issue unresolved was the HVAC. We provided a quote for the completion, the new client readily agreed, and ACS was able to complete the work they required to get their system working.

There’s a cost for the evaluation, of course. However, if the home or business owners agree with our assessment, the evaluation cost is deducted from the final project fee. Most clients understand how important it is to get the professional estimate of the work left undone. We stake the ACS reputation on our ability to make the best of these tense and often emotional situations because making clients happy and excited to work with ACS again in the future is a big part of what we do.

Whether you have a residential or commercial project in mid-build, if your integrator is unable to complete the work, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at ACS. Our service staff is dedicated to relieving your anxiety and ensuring your satisfaction. From Metro New York to South Florida to Southern California, and all parts in between, ACS is ready to make you a client for life.

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