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ACS Builds Rock Solid Networks


From smart TVs and refrigerators to laptops and tablets, nearly every device we own is connected to the Internet.  The quality of the network is the foundation for a great system be it a home theater or fully automated house.  Today’s fast paced lifestyle and need to access everything at our finger tips makes a reliable, robust, and secure home network a requirement for most families.  We’ve come to think of a reliable wired and wireless network as another utility within our homes.  We depend on it to conduct business, stream music and videos, download files, and play online games.  The networking staff at ACS is poised to build a rock solid network for your New York, Florida and California residence.  Read on to learn about the key features of a network designed and installed by ACS.

Quality equipment, superior configuration

Audiovisual technology of today has transformed our lives and require a reliable network to perform properly. Gone are the days when you could visit an electronics store, buy the necessary networking equipment and set it up using the default settings. We install networking components from partners like Ruckus, Dell, and Cisco to bring you the best quality network solution. But that’s just the first step. Having high quality equipment is not enough. The efficiency and strength of a professionally integrated network is what sets a home system from ACS apart. We’ll eliminate disruptions and interference from other networks; program your network to prioritize different activities like streaming movies and downloading music, so all of your favorite activities remain uninterrupted.

Secure, reliable and robust

A hard-wired network is more secure and we recommend that it be business grade. There’s invisible protection built into the way the network is designed. We can further protect your home network by building you a guest network that prohibits access to other devices. Your entire network is protected without undo interruption. The network is there when you need it and can deal with increased capacity during parties and holiday gatherings. Whether you’re streaming your favorite Netflix sitcom on a tablet or your kids are finishing homework on their laptops a robust network supports all these activities so everyone gets what they want no matter where in the house they are at. In addition, we’ll proactively monitor the system so we know when there’s an issue before the homeowner does. These alerts keep the equipment performing and in turn last longer.

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