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3 Reasons to Work With ACS for Your Smart Home Integration

Close up of a home media room in a high rise featuring a flat screen TV, tower speakers and white sofas.

Our Professionalism, Transparency, and Service Help Us Create Your Dream Home

Sophisticated smart home integration has the power to elevate your lifestyle. Your smart home must be designed and installed carefully using the best equipment and expertise for true luxury and convenience. Audio Command Systems has over 40 years of experience and provides top-notch custom solutions to customers across the country. Keep reading to see why ACS should be your trusted partner for smart home integration in your Los Angeles, CA, home.

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Upgrade Your Outdoor Space With ShadeCraft’s Sunflower


Winter may have just begun, but it’s never too early to start thinking about how you’re going to jazz up your outdoor space when warm weather returns to New York City. One of the most exciting new technologies we’ve seen is ShadeCraft’s Sunflower, an automated umbrella shade that also functions as a multipurpose technology hub.

The Sunflower gives you the opportunity to expand your smart home control to your outdoor environments with wireless, voice-controlled lighting and A/V components in addition to a shade that automatically moves with the sun. Keep reading to learn more about how the Sunflower can make your New York City home bloom when the temperature rises.

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Always Stay In The Shade

If you have a stationary umbrella shade, you’ve had to deal with inconsistent protection from sunlight. The sun is moving throughout the day, and if your shade doesn’t move with it, there are always going to be exposed areas. An adjustable umbrella shade can help, but manual models can be so hard to use that you end up not taking advantage of this extra feature.

The Sunflower solves this problem by moving automatically with the sun, opening up in the morning and tracking the sun until it sets. If there are high winds or other inclement weather, the shade will automatically close so you don't have to worry about the device being damaged. 

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