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How to Create A Healthier, More Beautiful Home with LED Lighting


It may seem shocking that the light fixtures in your home can have a dramatic impact on both your health and interior design, but it’s true. That’s the power of LED lighting.

By promoting better sleep and helping your body better align with its internal clock, LEDs can transform the way you live. Plus, you get to add a unique sense of style to your home with the power of tunable lighting. Not convinced? Read on to learn more about how LED lighting fixtures can revolutionize the way New York City homeowners live.

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Before getting into how LED lighting fixtures can impact your body, let’s look at how they can impact your home. The truth is there is no substitute for LEDs; they use about 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs, they’re safer to handle than compact fluorescent bulbs, and tunable lighting gives you an unsurpassed range when it comes to the color and intensity of your light fixtures.

What is tunable lighting? Tunable lighting is a new concept in interior design made possible by warm-dimming LEDs. Whereas older dimmers only let you control the intensity of the light, tunable lighting lets you control the intensity and the color of your fixtures independently from one another.

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Outdoor Lighting and Audio Upgrades are Hot Additions in 2016


According to new data from Houzz, a leading home improvement website, outdoor lighting is one of the most popular exterior technologies among homeowners today. Of the 1,000 U.S. homeowners who participated in the survey, nearly 57 percent plan to upgrade their exterior lighting. The 2016 U.S. Houzz Landscaping Trends Survey also found that 10 percent of homeowners report they are adding outdoor media.

Among the outdoor features that homeowners plan to illuminate are:

  •  Pathways- 60%
  •  Water Features- 24%
  •  Decks/Patios- 57%
  •  Outdoor Structures- 24%
  •  Trees/Shrubs- 53%
  •  Pots/Plants- 21%
  •  Steps- 32%
  •  Swimming Pool- 10%
  • Home Architecture- 28%
  • Art/Sculpture- 9%
  • Driveway- 26%

With an almost limitless number of options to transform your backyard, patio, deck or balcony, knowing where to start is often the most difficult part. As the popularity of outdoor living has grown so too has the focus on outdoor lighting. The right color temperature and quality of light are no longer design elements of only your interior spaces. Lighting is now being used to create inviting outdoor spaces that add more enjoyment to your property.

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Our friends at Coastal Source offer a wide variety of outdoor lighting fixtures and are among the finest available. Designed to withstand the elements and outlast any other product, Coastal Source provides excellent value. Whether you want to showcase your home's landscape, illuminate stairs and pathways, or highlight your dock with waterfront lighting, Coastal Source's LED fixtures are the right solution. According to the same Houzz survey, while outdoor lighting may serve many purposes, it is first and foremost about the design and comfort of the outdoor space. Some of the top reasons for updating outdoor lighting include the following:

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