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Are You Placing Price Ahead of Your Home Theater System Performance?


A home theater system is one of the most exciting entertainment options that provides you and your family years of continued enjoyment. The thought of selecting components for a home theater might seem a daunting task, so we've put together this guide on essential home theater elements to assure an excellent private theater experience in your New York home.

Essential Element #1 Distraction-free, high quality acoustical environment
A home theater starts with a space that incorporates acoustic qualities and treatments that enhance the user’s listening experience, while also isolating the space to minimize residual sound that “leaks" into other areas of the home.  Proper acoustical treatment in a theater is a science that involves the proper use of acoustic element and materials, as well as construction techniques that will: diffuse, reflect and absorb different frequencies of the audio program to enhance sound quality. Getting your home theater acoustics right greatly improves the emotional effect and overall enjoyment of the theater space - and your entire home.

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Essential Element #2: Video Display Device
Within a home theater, the visual experience is certainly an important one to consider. After all, isn't the idea to bring the movie theater experience home? The size and layout of the room will determine the size of the screen that the space can accommodate. Whether you want to hide the projection screen in the ceiling or have it rise from the floor, ACS will make the design process easy so you get the best view from every seat in the room.  

Video projectors have come down in price dramatically in recent years, allowing homeowners to achieve excellent results for far less then it cost even five years ago.  Among the features to look for in a video projector are:

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Take Automated Lighting to the Next Level with Lutron and ACS


The emerging wearables industry promises to improve sleep, enhance communication, and motivate you to move more.  From smartwatches and heart monitors to pedometers and VR headsets, wearables are more than a tool.  They’re about a personalized experience and an expression of one’s tastes.  The same could be said about Audio Command Systems.  We’ve designed and installed thousands of custom systems for some of the most discerning clients across the country.  We’re excited to bring you technology that helps bring a human touch to your integrated systems.

The Apple Watch™ is by far the most ambitious and well-constructed smartwatch on the market. Interacting with the Apple Watch is as intuitive as using an iPhone or working on a Mac, and was designed to enhance the way you live.  Apple and lighting control leader Lutron Electronics have expanded their harmonious alliance, allowing you to get personally connected to your home – first from your smartphone and now your wrist.

Control your home from your wrist

Lutron’s QS Wireless system will connect people with their homes through the Apple Watch, allowing homeowners to conveniently control lights, shades, and temperature right from their wrist.  Whether you’re sitting by the pool, driving home from the office, or miles away on a vacation, you now have control anytime anywhere.  Turn lights on before the kids arrive home so they never have to enter a dark house, or easily transform the dining room into an ideal place to host a dinner party.

See your home at a glance

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