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How Many Ways Can You Personalize YOUR Lighting?


When you stop to think about it, we all have a somewhat intimate relationship with our lights. One of the first things you do when you wake up is turn on the lights and usually the last thing you do before going to sleep is turn them off. When you enter your home or walk into a room, what do you usually reach for? Yep, controls for the lights. You might like a bright room while your spouse prefers a more dimly lit space. Lighting is more personal than we realize. 

If you get the annual “telephone book” stack of Restoration Hardware catalogs you’ll notice one was dedicated specifically to lighting. Fixtures and table lamps have personality and there’s tons of options to suit any individual taste. With lighting being a personal matter, ACS has noticed in working with thousands of homeowners and hundreds of designers and architects that personalized control of lighting is often overlooked. If you’ve never thought about expressing your individuality with controlled lighting options, a technology integrator can make that happen. The process is fun too! 

An expert lighting control system allows you to get creative in all sorts of ways (from which light sources react to your commands to the design of the controllers themselves, and much more) that will uniquely express your personality and style. Whether you’re in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester or just about anywhere from New York to Florida to California, your personalized lighting system will feel like a natural extension of your house when you partner with ACS; easily relatable and providing genuine value and enjoyment.

Customizable Interfaces

Controllers can be designed with a particular theme in mind; be it coastal, traditional, contemporary.. The many personalities of your household can be reflected in the lighting scenes you choose and the aesthetics of the device used to activate those scenes. Keypads can be color matched, architecturally finished, custom engraved, and the icons on smartphones, tablets and touchscreens can be labeled however you prefer, including different languages.

That generic button for a Welcome scene has more meaning when labeled “Mom’s Landed.” Find yourself in the kitchen every late night? Engrave the keypad button by your bedside, “Tip Toe,” and pathway lights softly illuminate without rousing anyone else in the house.

Transform Your Outlook by Transforming Your Light

ACS will help you preset lighting scenes to accentuate interiors, highlight architectural elements, and automatically adjust based on predetermined events. The same open-concept kitchen/living area that appears bright and cheery for a family get-together can instantly transform to be more subdued and sophisticated for an evening cocktail party, with the simple tap of your keypad, smartphone or tablet.

Shed a Light on Your Personal Creativity

Of any responsive technology options, lighting control offers one of the best opportunities to personalize each and every room. Your family can have it their way, setting each space to their individual tastes (including a “lived-in” look on based on a time clock when you’re away), all with just a touch of a button… and a consultation with ACS, of course.

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