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Embrace Green Smart Tech with Sonnen’s Energy Management!


Learn more about sonnen’s ecoLinks, micro-grid technology and more

German energy storage firm, sonnen, recently acquired by Shell, has introduced a fresh take on home integration technology with their focus on conserving energy through more efficient use and storage of resources. Today, we’ll explore some of sonnen’s energy management innovations and see how you can implement them into your New York City home, so keep reading.

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Reinventing energy

As sonnen’s CEO, Christoph Ostermann explains, they have an overarching vision that motivates their company to succeed: “Our goal is a world in which everyone is able to cover his energy needs with decentralized and clean energy source. Everyone can connect with each other to share energy where and when it's needed. This will emancipate our world from the dependence on fossil fuels and anonymous energy corporations.”

Through programs like ecoLinx and a strategic partnership with PanTech Design, sonnen has been revolutionizing the way the integration industry thinks of energy, how we use and store it and how those decisions can effect change.

Efficiency through ecoLinx

The company was awarded the 2018 CEPro BEST Award for energy integration with their ecoLinx product - an intelligent energy management and storage system that blends clean technology with home integration, creating the ultimate way to power smart homes.

What does the ecoLinx do? It lets homes store solar energy then enable the ecoLinx to manage how that energy is used throughout the use. There are three key benefits to using ecoLinx: customize how you use backup power during outages and for how long, increase energy storage prior to major weather events, and optimizing energy use to use clear, less expensive energy during the day and reuse it during peak night hours.

Current ACS customers will be pleased to learn that ecoLinx technology integrates with Crestron, one of our premier home integration tools. If you’re considering home upgrades, we’ll walk you through our process for integrating sonnen and what you should expect.

Adding Adapt

Late last year, PanTech Design announced that they would partner with sonnen to expand the scope of their ADAPT software, which distributes data about a home’s energy usage and storage. ADAPT also displays weather data, solar production and more.

ADAPT’s inside view of energy consumption, coupled with sonnen’s ingenious method of controlling and distributing solar power, could have a sweeping impact on smart homeowners. Why? Fully loaded smart homes with lighting integration, shades, HVAC will rest assured that every device is accounted for and audited: No matter how complex your integrated home, you can know how much each tool uses and optimize usage based on that data.

Sonnen has also experimented with microgrid technology, a blockchain-based energy storage and distribution network that allows smart homeowners to maximize solar energy resources by collecting light during the brightest part of the day and conserving it for later use, compensating for peak energy periods.

Then, the stored solar energy gets dispersed across a broader network to power multiple homes with clean, renewable resources. Recently, sonnen used technology for good by building humanitarian microgrids to bring a power source to Puerto Rican people ravaged by hurricanes.

Excited to work with an integration company that is dedicated to responsible energy usage? At ACS, we see technology as an opportunity to not only elevate your lifestyle but to improve the wellbeing of our planet and its people. Contact Audio Command Systems through our online form to get started.

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