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How Does Lutron Shading Control Transform Your Property?


Many homeowners have different reasons for investing in smart shades: the luxurious look and feel, the customized control, the desire to stay on top of the latest technology, or all of the above.

Lutron shading control solutions have many benefits that can apply to any New York City homeowner, which is why we partner with them. In this blog, we’ll outline some of those benefits and what they mean for your home.

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Convenient Control

Shading control from Lutron means full control from the device most convenient to you.

We can set up a customized keypad so that you can adjust all shades with a single touch. The seeTouch Designer wallstation is one option available with HomeWorks and Sivoia QED wired shading systems. It’s available in multiple colors and allows complete control with just the tap of a button.

Alternatively, Lutron offers the Sivoia QS Wireless shading system to wirelessly control all shades in your home. This is a good selection for homes that have been renovated or retrofitted since the system is wireless.

Regardless of the specific option you select, Lutron allows you to have complete control over your shading system with whatever device works best for you.


With shading control, you can set up an “Away” scene that makes your home look occupied even when it’s not. This might mean scheduling shades to open during the day and closing at night. When a home appears to be occupied, it’s less likely to be broken into or targeted.

Moreover, use your control system to close the shades throughout the whole house when you don’t want any view into the home without going around the entire property and manually closing them all individually.


Shading control allows you to save energy in many ways. You can use your control system to respond to selected “moods” which are preset commands for your shades.

For example, set one to open up the shades during the day when natural sunlight can be let in, thus minimizing the energy used by your artificial lights.

Modify it to close the shades according to the temperature in the room, reducing solar heat gain from the sun, resulting in lower costs from your system working extra hard to cool the room.

Allow your shading control system to monitor all of this information and respond accordingly for you.

Are you ready to benefit from Lutron shading control? We’d love to help. Reach out to us here or give us a call at (212) 260-4715.

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