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The team at Audio Command Systems have completed two comprehensive home automation projects for me over the years. In the first project, ACS successfully designed and implemented a complete audio-visual, and lighting control system in a NYC apartment which presented a number of unique challenges in terms of the limited space in both the ceilings and the walls. The final solution ended up being seamless and preserved all the design elements we were keen to leave undisturbed. Throughout the process, the team at ACS worked closely with both my designer and myself and I thoroughly felt that all details were attended too. Furthermore, long after the close of the project, the project manager at ACS kept in touch with me and was a great resource to keep abreast on new developments in products and solutions that improved my experience with the system.

In our second project together, ACS worked to implement full lighting, shades and audio-visual systems for a new construction in a home in NJ. The scope of this project was significantly larger and much more complicated given the size of the home. From the design phase to the implementation phase, communication between ACS and my builders, electricians, and architects was superb and made me feel that I was in good hands throughout the process. Again the final product was big success and is one of the main highlights of the house. In particular, the organization of the hardware in server closet was done with such care and attention to detail that it is one of the first things I will show when giving tours of our home. I’ve been known to be a bit picky about how automation systems should always strive be minimalist in design in a home. ACS appreciated this approach and always made me they had this in mind with all the solutions they offered up. Of course the systems works flawlessly, and though it was challenging to choose the components of each system, ACS always made their resident experts from lighting, networking, and audio available to me whenever I had questions and/or concerns. The fact that ACS would offer up as much technical information as I requested about systems made me feel like their services were tailored specifically to me.

A big thank you to the team at ACS!

- Aaron S.

To whom it may concern:

Audio Command was engaged in early 2012 for the selection, programming, and installation of our audio, visual, security, and wireless communication needs for our residence in Fort Lauderdale. We started with a complete renovation of a house built in 1940. The entire construction process took around 2 years. We brought audio command in early in the project. We discussed our ideas with them so they could have input throughout the renovation, and what might be required by the builder and their team as to maximize efficiencies. We were looking for top of the line, integrated and seamless capabilities from our selections. Almost every room had different requirements for audio and visual. Lighting was kept to a basic system that would give us both the flexibility of system lighting ( Pathways, grouping, scenes etc... ) and also simple toggle type switching. Security was important to us as well and we installed a high end outdoor camera system with motion detectors and a dvr system to record motion. It also allows us to view any camera from any room in the house and by iphone when we are away. As a musician, I had special requirements for our music room that required working with their programmers and installers to give me the system I was looking for. They also worked hand in hand with our interior designers for custom cabinetry and aesthetic value of all components. Our wireless demands were very important, as everything needed to talk to each other in a very fast responsive mode.

We have been very pleased with the selections that they helped us make. We wanted a lot of features and had to work with a lot of existing walls and spaces that were not very accommodating to the storage of equipment, but they were able to get us what we wanted. They spent a great deal of time trying to understand our needs and we are very happy with the results. They spent the amount of time needed to train us and ease our fears of the unknown when it came to all this new technology. Service has been superb since the initial install and we would highly recommend them to anyone with a need for a custom design and install. We had used them in the past to upgrade a yachts electronics and we were very pleased with their past performance as well. The team at audio command have been like friends to us and have given us great customer care throughout our time associated with them. My wife and I both have found them a pleasure to work with.

- Dean and Laura DeSantis

I purchased a luxury condominium in 1998 and initially engaged Sound Advice to install the audio/visual system intended to be accessed remotely through wall controls. I quickly became aware that that company was not qualified to install an advanced system. After soliciting and interviewing several companies, I settled on Audio Command Systems and first met Michael Pittman. Michael reviewed the pluses and minuses of the intended system and offered suggestions as to ways in which the system could be simplified and improved. One of my major concerns was that all aspects of the system- satellite TV and music, CDs, radio, cable TV through all speakers- could be easily understood and operated by my wife and I. The entire system was terrific for its time and in a very short while its operation was mastered. I upgraded the TVs, amplifier and several speakers in 2010 and acquired ATT U-verse to replace the satellite. ACS seamlessly made the changes, I sold my condominium this year and purchased a new home. Relying on the expertise of Mr. Pittman, ACS provided and installed wall mounted TVs including one outdoor and master bath, speakers in every room and on the patio, as well as, state of the art computer software to access any radio station in the world, U-verse music and VCR, CDs, internet music such as Pandora, Spotify, etc. and Blu-Ray internet access to Netflix, Amazon movies, Hulu, Facebood, etc. The system is fantastic, user friendly and easily learned. Its entirety is operated by Crestron software through an iPad or sophisticated remote control. The installation required 4 days for wiring, 2 days for the TV installs and 3 days to program the system. Each and every ACS technician was courteous, extremely knowledgeable, tidy and pleasant. Mr. Pittman reviewed the work daily and visited to sort out any problems which arose. Various of the technicians extended their cell phone numbers for subsequent help and questions. I liberally took advantage of reaching out and on each occasion they were helpful and jovial and often returned to the house to demonstrate whatever I had a problem with. In short, my wife and I love the system as we are very much music and media people although not particularly technically savvy. I more than whole-heartedly endorse Audio Command Systems and its technicians and especially Michael Pittman without whose invaluable design suggestions our system would not be as individualized and easily operable as it is. The entire installation experience and subsequent enjoyment was and is immeasurable.

- Marc Desiderio

Many thanks for getting us up and running today. You guys rock!

Trevor, as always, you are a pleasure to be around and have a great attitude/patience with demanding clients like us. You are always helpful and provide a piece of mins for all of is knowing that you are on the case.

So, thank you very much. Also, ACS takes service to a new level when all of the issues are resolved seamlessly and within a short time frame.

- Anonymous

Nice job guys! It was a pleasure working with ACS. To be quite honest (as I always am…) working with ACS was the best experience working with any AV/Home Automation company in my entire tenure here at Hobbs.

Many Thanks,

- Jerry Cobaugh, Hobbs Inc.

My firm has recommended ACS to several of our clients over the years, whether for multi-media boardrooms, audio-visual presentation spaces or state-of-the-art videoconferencing rooms. ACS’s work is consistently stellar, commencing with assistance in design and accurate construction drawings and continuing on through all phases of implementation. ACS is a valuable resource to our firm and our demanding New York City clientele. We could not ask for a better partner in ACS.

- Scott E. Spector AIA, Principal | Spector Group, New York City


No doubt, you have built a great team and everyone is always been helpful whenever needed. It’s a total team effort and we appreciate all that you guys do collectively. So, thank you all, we done team ACS. We truly appreciative what each and everyone does when it comes to our rescue with technology.

- Anonymous

Robert Kaufman and his team at Audio Command have successfully completed 3 projects for me over the years.

My association started in 1997 with a major house in the Hamptons. I had very specific requirements, particularly since I’m not that strong technically, so I wanted state-of-the-art equipment, performance and an interface that was easy to use. They worked “hand-in-hand” with our designers and architects. In the end, even back then, our system programming was intuitive and easy to understand and we loved the performance aspects throughout our residence.

We then moved on to a duplex on 5th Avenue and called Robert and his team. That project was also very involved and complex and went without a hitch. I lived with both systems for many years and when ACS was needed for upgrades, or maintenance, all was taken care of promptly.

In 2011, we moved in the city to a penthouse duplex in Chelsea, and I immediately called ACS. It was more complex than our other projects because of the additional services required and all the amazing changes in technology. ACS worked on the wireless network, streaming audio and central video, as well as lighting control, thermostat control and motorized window treatments that spanned double-height windows and disappeared when open. Coordinating all this with the architects, designers and contractors was key and it went well.

In today’s world, with frequent technology changes and the need or desire to integrate a number of functions, I loved working with ACS because they made the time to explain the options, price them appropriately, install them right, educate us to the proper use and follow-up as needed. They are always available to “fine-tune” the systems and do it with a smile. If you would like to speak with me personally, please don’t hesitate to call.

- Bob Hurst

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the Crestron system installed in my home. As you know, I had looked at two other systems and companies before I called you. After speaking to friends and family and making an appointment and meeting with you, I knew Crestron was the best system out in the marketplace. My parents have had a great relationship with Audio Command and your team for over 17 years and now I have that same relationship.

Don was great and had a wonderful working relationship with my contractor. They worked out a timeline and all dates were arranged and met and some dates changed due to construction delays, but the Audio Command team was always at the job site when needed. The Audio Command team are professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I have had nothing but a pleasurable experience with my Crestron system. I love being able to use my I-Pad to work my audio system. Stan and Todd have been great. Follow-up has been quick and amazing. I can always count on Don to return any call in a timely manner. He has always been hands-on during my project and continues to be. The system has been problem-free and easy to work with to my amazement.

My contractor had worked with another audio company prior to my job but after such a positive experience with Don and your team and his knowledge of the Crestron System from my job, he is now using Audio Command on his current project. We had nothing but a pleasant experience from our initial meeting with you to the end of the project.

Thanks for the great experience and system and fulfilling all my audio needs. I love the system and everything it does.

- Carrie Rubin

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